Happy Holidays

I wrote earlier discussing how upset I get to see all of the Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving has even happened. Now that November 23rd has been celebrated, I feel exhilaration similar to the excitement a child gets when the sled down a huge hill. I am at the top and now I can head full speed into Christmas and all of the blessings and excitement this season brings.

Full speed it will be, I only have three weeks of school before official break, which means I have three weeks to get gifts and food ready for various parties. Not to mention that Oklahoma State basketball is in full swing and I have to make posters and buddy gifts for that occasion. For times like this I remain calm and look to Pinterest for unique and easy ideas. Here are a few ideas I am considering.

1)      Nutella Puppy Chow http://www.healthytastychow.com/2010/04/nutella-puppy-chow/

2)      Avalanche Bars http://cookiesandcups.com/avalanche-anyone/

3)      Holiday Wreaths http://www.bhg.com/christmas/wreaths/wreaths-for-a-holiday-door/#page=11


Sitting in my parent’s living room, next to a fully illuminated tree I cannot help but get giddy with excitement as I anticipate the next two months. It is a strange feeling this time of year. I am in a limbo almost between an ending and bright beginning. It is the end of the semester, hot weather, and the year of 2011. Even though we are at the end of the year, I always feel like Christmas is introducing us to an exciting new beginning of New Years, the final semester, and winter followed by the beginning of spring. Everyone is very nervous about 2012, but I do not enter this year with fear. More things have happened to my life personally and my university than I could have fathomed. This has prepared me and reminded me to live life to the fullest. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and he will never put us through anything we cannot survive. So, this season embrace loved ones, cherish every moment, and have a Merry Christmas.

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